Best Buying Guide for Smart Phones: Top 8 Things You Should Never Miss When Buying Smart Phone

Best Buying Guide for Mobile

Top 8 Things You Should Never Miss When Buying Mobiles

If you are going to buy a smartphone or iPhone, you have to know all the essential things about phones. So you should read this article, in this article I have told about Buying Guide Mobile which will help you in buying the best mobile phone for your purpose. Here is the best mobile guide for you that helps you buy a phone. If you want to know all the things that you have to read this article entirely.

What should we check before buying a mobile?


When you are going to buy a mobile, you spend more time on the screen because you have no idea about the screen, so when you are going to buy a mobile for your purpose, you can choose a perfect size screen.

It is perfect for you, and you should also look at its resolution, which depends on your viewing quality, so you can choose the minimum Full HD screen, which is 1920X1080 pixels, which gives you the best-quality watching in Full HD.

But nowadays, you can buy a mobile with 2160X1080 pixels that offer a great quality screen and enjoy watching movies or even playing games. If your phone has 1080p or more, it will be significantly faster.

Now, the OLED screen is a darker black than the LCD screen. Some of the Androids and iPhones feature AMOLED screens, but they are at a higher price.


Your smartphone processor is also called a chipset or SoC, which is the essential part of the phone, that is responsible for everything that works on your smartphone.

It primarily works as the brain of a mobile device, just like the human brain, and most processors come with AI capabilities that make your smartphone smarter and faster.

A proficient processor not only allows your device to work well but is also able to expand other factors. An example is image processing.


The latest smartphones usually come with enough storage, capable of storing all the necessary files.

In this modern technology world, almost every phone has a minimum storage of 64GB. And the highest memory storage capacity is 128GB to 512GB, which is capable of storing your essential files.

Sufficient storage for your phone is best according to your purpose, so if you want to download more applications and play many games on your phone, then you can choose the above 128 GB storage that provides you all those features Is what you want.


RAM is also known as system memory, which can store data and applications that you are using. RAM also increases the speed of your device and gives you great performance in watching movies and gaming.

A part of the RAM of your smartphone is always used by the operating system. If your smartphone has enough RAM, you can run various applications in the background, which greatly affects your multitasking experience.

Now some smartphones are breaking all barriers and adding 12-16 GB of RAM to their smartphones, which is too much for commercial users.

If you want a smartphone for general use like light browsing for phone, text, WhatsApp, and calls, then you can easily buy a smartphone with 3-4 GB RAM, which will be perfect for you.

If you want to use the phone in a modern way like, installing more applications and playing high-end games, you can buy a smartphone that comes with around 6-8 GB, which is perfect for you.



In the past few years, the camera of smartphones has improved rapidly. And in this year 2020, the camera has become so developed that a multi-camera is the norm, at the same time now, a camera front camera is very rare on a mobile phone.

Because nowadays all phones are equipped with a multi-camera which does many tasks in shooting photos and videos.

Typically, you can take a starting lens that is equipped with the highest Megapixel, a portrait lens, and a wide-angle shooter.

You know that good camera performance is much higher than just high megapixels. This is obviously true, but you can’t believe it.

Operating System:

 Another most essential point that you should always remember is the operating system. Now in the world of the latest version, you can get two Operating system options when purchasing the phone.

If you want to buy an iPhone, you can get the latest version operating system iOS, which is amazing that your iPhone gets the best performance. And if you want to buy a smartphone, you can get the Android operating system in the new version on your phone.

But as companies usually showcase their user interfaces on top of Android, it may take some time to get the latest updates, so you will sometimes not get the latest Android version the first time. So check that the phone has a new updated operating system before purchasing.

Battery Life:

The flagship smartphones have a 6+ hour screen with a golden-life battery. Anything with high capacity can allow the most heavy-duty users to come to power.

Some mid-range phones can offer a great battery life of up to 8 to 10 hours of screen time, which is incredible.

The objective is to buy a phone that can give you at least one day of intensive use. Therefore, be sure to check the battery tests online before purchasing the device.

Also, try and research whether the phone you are planning to buy has a power-saving mode.

Also Can Check These Features:

  • Gaming Mode
  • Fingerprint sensor vs Face Unlock
  • Bluetooth version
  • IP Rating
  • Dual sim
  • Wireless Charging
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • Stereo speakers
  • NFC
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi

Which mobile should I buy in 2020?


Finally, you must have known all of the Buying Guide Mobiles, and also decided to buy the best mobile, which has all the features that we included. And, you have also known about the top 10 best phones, which have all the features. Therefore you can buy one of those phones, simply click on the link to buy. Here I have told you smartphone buying guide 2020. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family.

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