Best Laptop Buying Guide India 2020:Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

In this Laptop Buying Guide you will get information about things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop.

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The Laptop Buying Guide India also offers you tips to choose a branded laptop. The site helps you know how to choose between several brands of laptops, including HP, Toshiba, Sony, and others. It is always recommended to buy a branded product for better performance. You can also buy a cheap laptop from such websites. You should keep in mind to buy a laptop according to your budget And in this article, I have mentioned a buying guide laptop that allows you to buy an ideal laptop for your business and daily use.

Laptop Buying Guide: What are the Specifications of a Good Laptop?

Display Size:

Generally, a small laptop comes with a low resolution and display quality that is not perfect for gaming or watching a movie but is good for casual use.

These days, everyone wants a laptop with high resolution that is in 1920X1080, called Full HD, which is ideal for gaming and watching movies.

You can go from here to high resolution as you like. And there are also a lot of 4K laptops in the market, which is a higher resolution, but they are battery drainers and are usually always plugged.

Apart from the resolution, you want to see yourself in the panel, again, for casual use, it doesn’t really mean that.

However, according to your specific use case, you can consider the GPU. Generally, most laptops come with 60 Hz, but if you want a laptop for gaming, you can get in 144Hz which is enough, and you won’t need more than that.


The processor performs like the brain of a laptop, and it is another part of the buying guide laptop. It is important to know about the processor you are buying. Different types of processors are possible at various rates, such as i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors. You can buy any of them according to your use.

If you want to buy a laptop for your random use, the i3 processor is sufficient for your daily use, such as watching videos and running Lite software.

If you are probably a student and want to play some games, then an Intel Core i5 processor or above is perfect for you, which will allow you to play games easily and work with faster software.

Core i7 and i9 processors provide the best performance that will let you do any type of work and gaming easily and comfortably but comes at a high price that not everyone can afford.


If you want a laptop with better speed for your work, then you have to look at the storage capacity of the laptop that you want to buy for your purpose. Besides, storage plays a major role in the speed of your laptop as well.

It is quite simple. If you need a lot of storage space in a laptop, you can go for a high capacity HDD.

If you are looking for speed, you need an SSD. Some laptops speed up your read and write speeds. Of course, with high-capacity HDDs, there is always a basis for obtaining low-capacity SSDs.

Internal HDD storage is more useful in spreading storage faster. Otherwise, you can get more space through external drives.

Best Buying Guide for Laptop


Random Access Memory is also an important thing when purchasing a laptop. RAM is one of the most necessary things which can be considered in the laptop speed and performance.

Therefore, you should pay good attention to RAM before making any decision. You can choose any RAM like 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB.

Your laptop mostly depends on the purpose of purchase. If you want a laptop for advanced purposes, such as gaming and running intensive software, then you can decide to buy a laptop that comes with 8 GB RAM, which performs great in all purposes.

It can open a lot of software comfortably at once. Now, the 8 GB RAM laptop is ideal for those who want to play games. And, you can buy a 16 GB RAM laptop, which is an best gaming laptop today.

Operating System:

The operating system is a real-time system that manages computer hardware, software, and performs common services for computer programs.

There are three main operating systems available for commercial laptops, such as Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux.

Windows: The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is Windows 10 that offers exceptional features, such as Cortana Digital Assistant, touchscreen support, speed, compatibility,

Safety and Security, and Lower Hardware Requirements.

Most of the laptops in the market are Windows operating systems, and they are available at all prices and brands.

macOS: macOS is the latest version of the Apple laptop operating system, which has a different UI, but it provides the same functionality as Windows 10. Moreover, it provides much better security than Windows 10. And Apple Mobile and iOS There is a good combination with the platform.

macOS is well-liked by content creators, writers, graphic designers, and programmers.

Chrome OS: Laptops running on Google’s Chrome operating system are called Chromebooks. On this operating system, users can access a large number of web applications, but you cannot work on this laptop while offline. Chrome OS devices also offer limited storage and are ideal for school use.


The battery is most important, mainly if anyone uses their laptop for a long period for their purpose. It is also important for those who travel a lot.

Battery life is another essential parameter to consider when purchasing a new laptop. Many manufacturers do not advertise correct battery statistics.

Many variables affect battery life, such as screen brightness and apps running in the background.

The most important thing you should know – a 10-hour battery life is expected to make the laptop last 7 hours. The same goes for laptops running 6-7 hours, 3-4 hours respectively.

Laptop Buying Guide:What to do when you buy a new laptop?

While buying, you must see these features on the new laptop.

Now that you know the most important features that you should look for in a laptop before you decide to buy, here are some extra features you should not miss (buying guide laptop).

USB Port: The USB port provides USB Type-C speed and functionality.

Touchscreen: Touchscreen simplifies the interface and makes access easier.

2-in-1: 2-in-1 PCSNext-gen laptops that can separate for flat and even tablet experience.

Wi-Fi: Gate next-generation Wi-Fi 6, which is faster than standard 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Graphics: Graphics is an Nvidia graphic chip for a laptop.


In conclusion, you have read this article thoroughly, which is all about buying guide laptops.

In this article, I have mentioned all the specifications and features that a new laptop should have. The best Buying Guide laptop ever has is that lets you buy a perfect laptop as per your purpose.

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