Best 10th Generation laptop : Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 : 10th Generation Laptop : Review

There is a new player in the laptop market in India and it is none other than Xiaomi. The company that is already a big player in the smartphone industry is now taking a step into another category to become its leader. A Xiaomi laptop has been loved by most people and now it finally arrived in 2020.

The company is known for its classy looks and brilliant performance. It gives you excellent battery life, long-lasting up to 6 hours. You can enjoy the best display feature of the laptop for your endless movie nights and your enjoyment purpose. It gives you the best typing experience with a trackpad that has so much play and but it does not pack the webcam into the display so the company has offered a separate unit for it.

Mi is a renowned brand and has offered many smartphones in the market at affordable and reasonable price range so that user of every category can buy its product, now it has launched its brand new laptop with the best features. The Mi Notebook 14 Xiaomi laptops in India are available at a starting price of Rs 41,999. It’s having awesome features and specifications in it. But, there is another laptop from Xiaomi i.e. ‘Horizon’ edition, available at a starting price of Rs 54,999, which is more powerful and has the latest features in it.

Our Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 has an Intel Core i5-10210U processor with NVIDIA GeForce MX350 graphics card, 8GB RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage. The cost of this laptop is Rs 54,999. Below, you find detailed information about this Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 so that before buying any product from the market you can analyze the best features offered by the product and the company. Every product has its pros and cons which we know as benefits and disadvantages, you must know both before buying not only the positive side of the product as you will face difficulty and discomfort after buying the product. So we have analyzed the Pros and Cons of the product. 

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 : Full Specifications


The look of the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon edition is similar to the Apple Macbook laptops. The build quality is also good as it is made up of all-metal material that ensures its robustness. The colour of the laptop is grey. The design of the laptop is very modern and sleek style. You will its feather-light gives you the simple but very appealing look. It is very modern stylish and good for the best presentation. 

The laptop is thin and lightweight. There is no branding present on the backside, which is quite unusual and gives it a very simple look. Well, you can find the branding on the bottom of the screen, where you will see the “Mi” logo. One big disadvantage of having this laptop is its webcam. You will not find any in-built webcam on this laptop. It was not a big problem until last year but this year is one of the most important things that everyone wants. The company offers a USB-enabled HD webcam, once you place it, it looks like a pop-camera on a smartphone. The webcam is quite portable and slides easily over the surface of the laptop. You can enjoy HD quality video calls from this.

One point in favour of the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon is its compact size that makes it a portable laptop. The thickness of the laptop is 17.15 mm and weighs around 1.35 kg, making it easy to carry anywhere.

The keyboard features full-size scissor-action keys with 1.3mm key travel. It’s sharp and ergonomically comfortable and works well. However, you may not find backlit, so some may find it a bit disappointing. 

The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon edition features a multi-touch trackpad, which is awesome. It has no left-right button. You may find it difficult to use for some time. The trackpad also stumbles at times.

The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition laptop has narrow bezels, offers a 91% screen-to-body ratio. It has a 14-inch FHD display in a 13.3-inch form factor. The screen resolution of the laptop is 1920X1080 pixels. The slimmer bezel is generally seen on high-end laptops, and Xiaomi gives it a slightly more premium look.

Xiaomi claims that the laptop is equipped with an anti-reflective coating and in our experience, we have found it to some extent. You may not find any problem with your laptop in your daily workings. The display quality provided by Xiaomi is sharp in this price range and will meet your basic needs.


As you have already seen in Xiaomi smartphones, the company provides good quality hardware for low-cost phones. Just like this, the company introduces excellent and top-class hardware on this horizon laptop. It gives you a top-quality performance so that you are comfortable for working so that you can work and complete your tasks and assigned duties without any discomfort.


This laptop is one of the powerful laptops available at this price range and with a price difference of Rs 5,000, you can get a device that is equipped with the 10th generation Intel i7 processor.


Having this type of processor, you may not have any problem with lagging or freezing. You can easily use it for the whole day without having any issues. You can use heavy software and play games also. The laptop runs smoothly. We experienced rare heating of the device, but that’s nothing serious.


However, a problem area for us was the audio output. We found that it is quite low and doesn’t give enough sound like other laptops.


The laptop has Windows 10 Home operating system installed in it. You get two preloaded apps Blaze Unlock and Smart Share, which are spam. There are enough connectivity ports available as it will take care of all your needs such as HDMI video output, Type-C ports, 3.5mm audio jack, etc. The company provided a Type-C port on the high-end version of the laptop that has a Core i7 CPU. These features are the best for users of all categories either you are a gamer, you are a student, or you are an office worker.


The battery is one of the most important parts of every laptop. Like it is good or not. So, the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon laptop provides a very good battery life. According to the company, you can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge, which is quite impressive. As most laptops in this price range provide only 5-6 hours of battery backup. It is fitted with a Lithium Polymer 46 Watt battery and comes with a 65 Watt laptop charger, allowing it to charge quickly. It makes it long-lasting and even if you go out for a long time and have to use your laptop for presentation, for any kind meeting and office gathering, You can use it for a very long time. During this pandemic, you have to work for long working hours and have to stay in front of the laptop screen. It is very important to have the anti affecting screen quality so that it does not release the harmful rays for your eyes.



● Premium Aesthetics

● Robust Construction 

● Lightweight And Portable

● HD Display

● Good Performance

● Up to 10 Hours of Decent Battery Life 




● Minor heating Issues 

● RAM Is Not Upgradable 

● No Built-in Webcam 

● Keypad Is Non-Backlit 

● Inconsistent Trackpad 

● No SD Card Reader


If you are planning to buy a laptop then the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon laptop is best for you. It has the best specifications that anyone wants on their laptop. It is portable and compact and has an HD display. You may use ms office, video editing software, games e.t.c. We can say that Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 is a great start for the company in the laptop market. While there are some disappointments such as the lack of a backlit display and an integrated webcam, but the Mi Notebook 14 horizon offers you great specifications and features in this price range. Overall, this is a good product in this segment.


Mi Notebook 14 Horizon laptop is standing in the queue of the top 10 latest laptops newly launched. It has super quality features and specifications in a very affordable and reasonable price range. Laptops offered by Samsung, HP, Dell and other brands are of very good quality but either the price of the product is more than the budget or either the budget laptop is not offering the features that you want or it cannot satisfy the customer’s requirement. 


So if you are thinking about the brands that offer you the best quality product, so you can go for Samsung, HP, HCL, Dell, and Xiamo or Mi also, as it has many features included which are not offered by other brands, it will satisfy all your needs and wants.

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