Best Drone for Photography in India – DJI Tello Drone Review

Here’s my review of one of the best drone DJI Tello drone-Best Drone for Photography in India on the market, The Tello drone has developed in partnership with technology from DJI, Intel, and Ryze. It is a small advanced drone designed to enjoy flying while learning.

Although its primary goal was to provide a super effective and easy to use drone for kids, the advanced features make it an ideal choice for any new drone users.

It would be your first and last to read the DJI Tello Drone Review as we have covered every possible answer to user’s questions related to the Tello drone. We promise you’ll love this article if you read this till the end.

The DJI Tello drone is one of the best and most reliable drones for many purposes so far, which comes in a lightweight that is easy to carry anywhere. Now, you can get amazing top-view shots of scenic spots with this DJI Tello drone.

The DJI Tello drone has a 5MP camera that captures HD images. It is equipped with an Intel processor that produces high-quality video footage. This drone is very easy to operate as it has the option of auto take-off and landing. Furthermore, you can control it from your smartphone with just one app.

The DJI Tello drone is suitable for children aged 12 and older. It is fun for the child and helps to shoot quality videos. And it also gets a lot of great features, which makes it easy to fly.

It is a strong and stable drone with various flight modes and manoeuvres, and it also comes with a strong wind resistance feature.

You can control it easily with the mobile app and use it both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the performance comes with flying stunts, shooting quick videos with EZ shots. This DJI Tello drone has a removable and rechargeable battery, which gives a better performance during flight time.

It has a camera with 5 megapixels and can fly up to 50 meters high, and offers a flight time of 13 minutes as we have mentioned before, which is better for entertaining the child.

It comes in light up to 280 grams with Easy Shots Record, a circle, 360 and up and away syncing short videos.Equipped with a 5MP camera that photos preserve great memories with high-resolution photos. Besides, an Intel processor gives professional processing high-quality footage.

It is capable of flying 50 meters above ground level, and electronic image stabilization continuously captures clear images.

MIT-developed coding system learning programming allows children and adolescents to learn the basics of programming while having fun.

DJI Tello drone- Features


This DJI Tello drone comes in a compact design that makes it easy to control and fly. It is 3.8 inches to 3.2 inches at 1.6 inches, much smaller than the Tello DJI Spark. Because the Tello is an inexpensive and budget drone, it uses brush motors which are less efficient and less durable than brushless motors, and its body is made of plastic.

Nevertheless, the brush motor provides great and sufficient power to fly the drone to a top speed of 30 kmph. In addition, propellers are designed for loud and low noise. The compact and sturdy plastic body of the DJI Tello drone can resist many low impact accidents.

The DJI Tello drone has a power button that is located on one side of the drone’s torso and a USB jack located on the other side. On the front side, you will find a standing LED to monitor battery charging. To make landing easier, each of its four landing gears has rubber legs.

In DJI Tello drone at the bottom of the fuselage, you will find ventilation openings and ground sensors. It allows the quadcopter to fly properly with GPS.

It also comes with the included battery, which weighs just 80 grams. It is not ideal for outdoor flying, due to its lightweight design, especially on windy days. On the other hand, it has a terrific indoor tone.

Flight Modes

To develop its flight aptitudes and make it fun to fly, Tello comes with some amazing in-built flight modes including:

Auto Take-Off and Landing Mode: This mode allows you to land or land the drone with the push of a button. The DJI Tello drone comes with two different landing modes: Palm land and Tap to Land. Touch to Land mode allows the drone to land automatically, while Palm land mode, as the name suggests, allows the drone to land in your hand and turn off its engine.

Throw and Go mode: In this mode, landing the drone is even more fun and easier if you carefully launch it into the air. 

Note: If you can’t launch the drone in the air within 5 seconds. Your propeller will start spinning if the propeller stops spinning, which means it can’t land.

8D Flips Mode 4: This is a fun flight mode that automatically turns your DJI Tello drone in one of eight present directions.

Bounce Mode: This is an awesome functional mode. When you activate this mode, your DJI Tello drone will automatically take off and descend on a flat surface at a set distance of 1.6 to 3.9 feet. However, if ground-based sensors detect an object below, it will increase its height accordingly.

DJI Tello Drone


DJI’s influence on Tello is evident from the beginning. Although the app’s interface may not be DJI, it is enough for any DJI pilot to be normal with the controls there. You can connect your phone to the controller, which takes a few seconds, and once the connection becomes fast and solid.

You can also use the controller by trying to swipe your fingers on the screen of your phone. The Tello flows at a speed in the air, it is much faster than indoors, but if you take it into the garden, you can feel, as we did, that a little extra speed would be nice.

This DJI Tello drone operates indoors in the 100-meter range, but outside, the signal is weak at around 50 meters, so a runner can do this for fear of a little drone, so you should keep it relatively close. Its shape also meant that once it was gone, you would have difficulty seeing it.

The video feed to the controller is excellent, but if you are using the controller, then you need to keep the phone nearby, otherwise, the connection will be lost.


It comes with a DJI Tello drone 5-megapixel camera that shoots 720p video at 30 fps. To further enhance the quality of the footage and eliminate blurring, the drone uses its powerful 14-core Intel processor with electronic image stabilization (EIS).

The DJI Tello drone makes shooting fun and interesting as it has an additional feature called “Easy Shots”.

Tello does not come with micro SD or internal memory to store photos and videos.

Instead, it streams video and photos to your phone or tablet, or VR headset. By enhancing the FPV experience, you will not be able to share photos and videos directly from the drone to your social media platform.

It should be noted that you can determine the quality of the photos through the Tello app. However, the app does not save settings for photos and videos, which means it will reset to default settings every time you log in.

Programming Components

Do you like building apps or have you ever tried to build one? Tello provides a platform for your children to do so. Your kids can program Tello to perform fly automatically. Scratch is a programming language and kids can build their own flying machines on the go using the Tello SDK and programming language.

This programming language has been developed by MIT that allows children to learn basic programming while having fun.

Using the Tello Edu app on your smartphone or tablet, you can command your DJI Tello drone by coding block methods to perform related movements or tasks. This application allows you to play games and learn basic programming by completing levels. The Tello Edu App is essentially a mobile application that supports the scratch programming language.


  • Weight: 80g (including battery)
  • Product Dimension: 9 x 3.6 x 1.6 inch
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Flight Time: 13 minutes
  • Camera: 5 MP photos and 720p videos
  • Protections: Failed protection for a safe landing even lost connection
  • Processor: Intel Processor
  • This DJI Tello drone provides a flight time of approximately 13 minutes with alerts when the battery is low.
  • You can take impressive photos in 720-megapixel resolution with its built-in camera.
  • It can fly up to 50 meters and shoots photos from different angles.
  • Also has a compact design and a lightweight about 80g.
  • You can control drones easily with the help of the Tello app.
  • This drone has an Intel 14-core processor for smooth operation.
  • You can flip your drone across the screen just by sliding your finger on the 8D.
  • Electronic image stabilization will help you capture smooth footage.

[i2pc][i2pros]Compact Size & Compatible controller.
Responsive flight controls.
Good battery life.
[/i2pros][i2cons]Choppy video.
No object avoidance.
Low control range.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

What Makes DJI Tello drone More Famous and Reliable for Use?

Want to know what are the complete mind blowing benefits inside it ? Perhaps all of its top tier features are packaged in its small body. A prepared list below will tell you all you need.

This article is based on the user’s requirements “DJI Tello drone” so let’s take a look at what Rio’s new drone tick.

  • Tello App
  • Lightweight
  • Flying Stunts
  • Shoot Quick Videos with EZ Shots
  • Smartphone VR headset compatibility
  • Safe to Fly Indoors
  • 13 Min Flight Time
  • Programmable drone
  • Build your own from scratch


1. Is the Tello drone worth it?

If we would talk about Tello, it is only a drone, it is on DJI’s official website. that is not branded as an original DJI drone. But it’s worth buying as it has arisen from a partnership between Ryze, Intel, and DJI and is super beginner-friendly.

We have seen that people think it will be the most expensive because the names “DJI” and “Intel” fall under it. But the case is different. There are not a lot of incredible features, even the high pricing tag. It only comes under $ 100, and this little drone is worth every penny.

2. How far can the Tello drone go?

The Tello drone has a flight distance of 100 meters and can have a maximum height of up to 50 meters and a top speed of 8 m/s.

When it comes to flight time, it’s good at 13 minutes, and if you want to increase flight time, the extra batteries are not very expensive compared to other drones on the market.

3. Is Tello made by DJI?

Some giants came together to build budget-friendly drones, and Tello drones came into the picture. It has also been created with the help of DJI. Other technology giants helped DJI using technology such as Intel and Ryze to build this budget competitor drone.

4. Does the Tello drone have GPS?

The Tello drone does not have GPS and advanced flight modes but has some interesting features. If you expect to install GPS in this drone, you can install it yourself additionally. All you need is the Tello FPV flight application from the Android Play Store. After installing, you only have to activate vGPS. This add-on will be paid for.


The Tello is also designed for educational purposes. Kids and teens can code and learn new things while being a flying drone. The MIT Media Labs coding system enabled its drones to be programmed from scratch using basic programming knowledge.

This Tello drone has other additional features, such as VR headset compatibility that enables POV-style flight through the app, and DJI technology provides an easy to control Tello drone.

This DJI Tello drone review must have provided endless information about things before buying one.

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