Best Monitors for Trading In India 2021

Best Monitors for Trading In India

Suppose you have decided to make your investment journey in India exciting and profitable. In that case, the best monitor for trading in India is certainly a combination of the two best types of equipment: a flat-screen monitor and an advanced trading platform. Indian markets are constantly developing, and most of the leading brands like Samsung, LG, Microsoft, HP etc., are now manufacturing their versions of the best monitor for trading in India, known as flat-panel monitors.
As far as the technologies used in this type of monitor are concerned, they differ with the kind of screen used. The flat-panel monitors usually use LED technology, to traditional CRT monitors use tubes of mercury. These technologies are used for the best monitor for trading in India, but the response time on LED monitors is much faster than CRTs, making them best for trading. Also, the response time remains constant when compared with CRTs. This feature makes them even more attractive and tempting for home traders, and hence this technology is increasingly being used in the best monitor for trading in India.

Best Monitors for Trading

Flat panels are also available in sleek designs, which are easy on the eyes. They provide sharp imaging clarity and superior quality resolution. They have larger screen space, which can be better utilized for viewing various data and images.
The best monitor for trading in India using flat panel technology has a better contrast ratio and high brightness output, thereby giving you a brighter image all the time.
Many branded companies manufacture the best monitor for trading in India. Some popular brands are branded Philips, Samsung, Microsoft, CIE, NEC and Casablanca.
You can find all monitors of the above brands in electronic shops and retail stores. But it is advised that you must always choose a branded product as it is long-lasting and always meets your specific requirements in terms of performance.
There are several models of the best monitor for trading in India. You can compare their prices and features to select the best monitor for trading in India according to your specific needs. Once you choose your best monitor for trading in India, it will become very convenient for you to monitor various stocks and currencies. And most of the best monitors offer you free updates on their technical information.

Top 3 Best Monitors for Trading In India

It is highly recommended for home traders and even regular day traders to keep track of various stocks and currencies through multiple computers and monitors to get the best information on their investments. Even those engaged in forex trading are now using a single platform to get timely alerts on their investments. So, now you can say that this is the best monitor for trading in India. It is a must-have for any trader.

LG UltraWide 34 Inch WFHD

As per expert’s point of view, LG Ultra Wide 34 Inch WFHD is the Best Monitor for Trading in India. One of the best ultra-wide screens for efficient multitasking and gaming.

Key features:

  • 34-inch ultra-widescreen with HDR 10
  • Resolution 2560 x 1080
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • Wall mountable & tilt easily

Analysis of stock, bonds, and other financial activities goes easy with a wide display. It gives you a clear & comprehensive view of multitasking in a single frame.

This trading monitor offers AH-IPS panels that provide better color contrast than VA/TN panels. In addition, the panel includes 99% sRGB colour space with an 8-bit colour depth. All that means the Display doesn’t compromise color accuracy and screen consistency.

  • Other specifications include
  • contrast ratio – 1,000:1
  • UWHD resolution 2560×1080
  • peak brightness – 300-nit
  • wide viewing angles – 178-degree
  • response time speed – 5ms

Hence, this monitor contains some attractive panel features to give users mesmerizing image quality.

LG 34WL500 design and style maintain modern industrial standards. Hence, it has a thin bezel display with black colour “W” stand and 100x100mm VESA mount holes so that any user tilts the Display or mounts it in the wall for a better viewing experience.

Furthermore, connectivity’s are similar to other brand monitors in this price range.

  • 2X HDMI ports
  • 1 DisplayPort input
  • 2X 5W built-in MaxxAudio speakers and
  • 1 headphones jack


75Hz refresh rate & 5ms response time offers better motion clarity in the Display. So consider this trading monitor best for daily use & gaming also. In addition, this monitor contains HDR10, a technology that maintains the colour and contrast of media. Hence, connect this monitor with sync compatible graphics to play Xbox games easily. Furthermore, the monitor contains “black stabilizer senses”. It provides a brighter vision even when you are watching dark scenes.


Samsung 34-inch Curved Monitor

In this list, it is the best monitor for professional traders or gaming freaks. Undoubtedly, this 34inch ultra-wide curved Display is a great solution to make a dream PC setup. However, LC34J791 isn’t considered a 4K trading monitor due to (3440 x 1440 ) resolution. But it offers much more features to give hustle free trading at home.

Model number – LC34J791WTWXXL, 21:9 UWQHD curved display with Thunderbolt 3. An excellent solution for MacBook users. 

Key features:

  • 100Hz refresh rate
  • 4ms response time
  • 178 degree vertical & horizontal angels
  • VESA compatible
  • Resolution 3440 x 1440

No doubt, the 34 inches ultra-wide HD curve display gives you an excellent viewing experience. In addition, the 21:9 aspect ratio offers multitasking facilities, so you don’t need a double monitor. Now talk about 3440 x 1440 resolution that offers better image quality without cropping images. However, the performance also goes to the next level after adding appropriate graphics cards. Apart from this, display contrast Ratio: 3000:1, 300nits brightness, and 125% sRGB coverage. All those features give you better projection when it comes, graphs, text, or video details. So yes, image quality and detailing of elements are much better in this monitor than others.

The design of this monitor gives you a much more satisfying & premium look. Hence this monitor has a thin bezel display – top, left & right (6.35mm). In addition, the bottom of the screen has a 3.7mm silver colour thin bezel. It gives you a sharp look. 

Significantly, the back of the monitor has all the necessary features to give you better adjustment as per need. Furthermore, you got followings

  • VESA mount option
  • 2X traditional USB ports
  • One jack headphone 3.5mm

In addition, “inch down”, you also get a removable panel that secures some other connectivity—for example, HDMI, display port, service port, 2X Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Lastly, the thunderbolt port offers a compatible connection to attach the MAC display.


100Hz refresh rate & 4ms response time do most of the job to improve pèformance. 100Hz means, Display shows 100 frames per second. Hence, this rate is much better than 50, 65, and 75Hz. However, you notice the 100Hz benefit when you see fast-moving images or objects.

Most importantly, 4ms response time and is the highest time for an IPS panel. However, lower is better, but 1ms can only achieve a TN panel. But the IPS panel offers better visual quality than most TN panels. Above all of that, the Samsung LC34J791 monitor also comes with AMD FreeSync. It helps to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. In addition, this monitor offers a much better refresh rate to trade or play games all day long.

LG 25UM58 25-inch Ultra-Wide LED Monitor

Now comes an affordable 21:9 Ultrawide IPS Display monitor with matt black finish. Undoubtedly, the best monitor for budget buyers who are looking for better image quality and smooth performance.

Key features:

  • 25-inch Ultrawide IPS display
  • 5ms response time
  • Cover 99% sRGB
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Black stabilizer with dynamic action sync
  • Four split screen option

Firstly, Display is smaller than our previous models but enough in this price range. In addition, you get a 21:9 ratio ultra-wide display along with 2560×1080 pixel resolution. Generally, higher is better but still 25inch wider screen is enough for multitasking, gaming and trading. Moreover, you get 11.14 pixels per inch which easily handle detailing and screen spacing jobs. Apart from this, LG 25UM58 has an IPS panel that supports 8-bit colour depth & 99% sRGB colour space coverage. Hence, you get sufficient colour accuracy, quality and consistency in this price range.

Lastly comes additional specs like Peak Brightness – 250nit, Contrast ratio – 1000:1.

So, in short, you get an excellent viewing experience while watching movies, playing light games, and trading regularly.

This LG model is also compatible with the VESA mount for wall attachment. Hence, your monitor is safe from any damages. For that, you need to buy a third party stand fit with this monitor’s 75x75mm holes. In addition, a tilt stand is compulsory to adjust the height of this monitor for a better viewing angle. Besides that, the LG 25UM58 monitor also has a thin-bezel display border and an anti-glare coating on the screen. Hence, your eye doesn’t see any reflection while working on this machine.

Connectivity – 2X HDMI 1.4 ports / 1 headphones jack.


LG 25UM58 trading monitor offers a 75Hz refresh rate and decent 5 ms response time. It is more than enough to handle sufficient motion clarity. In addition, this 25-inch ultra-wide Display has a Black stabilizer. Hence, your eyes are not at risk of strain and headache while using the monitor for a long time. This model of LG also offers dynamic action sync to take quick action while playing games. But this is not as good as AMD Free Sync, which works to provide a better refresh rate with GPU’s.

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